We help our clients achieve social impact through their

About Us

Social Investment Partners (SIP) Group was founded with the purpose of contributing to generate social impact at various levels – within government, communities and the private sector.

We believe companies as engines of social progress that can effect profound social change through their sustainability strategies.

Our mission is to accompany our clients in the generation of virtuous cycles of development within and beyond their business operations.



Humanity – we understand the challenges ahead and strive so that no one is left behind so that we are all part of development.

Optimism – we are convinced that if we all contribute from each one of our domains – we can transform the world.

Participation – we promote the active involvement of a myriad of stakeholders to guarantee adoption and action.

Service – we are proud to serve all of our clients so that they can transcend in each one of their domains taking into account particular characteristics.

Innovation – we promote the continuous pursuit of new solutions to old problems.


Arlette Palacio
Founding Partner

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Florida International University (FIU) and bachelors in International Relations, Arlette advises companies in the design, development and implementation of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and beyond. In her work, she fosters the effective articulation of CSR and strategic philanthropy programs with national development initiatives. Arlette integrates more tan 15 years of experience working in international cooperation at various levels – from the donor side, government and private sector. 





Davide Sala
Associate Consultant

Masters in Social Interventions in Emergency Contexts and bachelors in Education from the Universiità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano in Italy, Davide advises companies on pedagogical evaluation, capacity development and in the monitoring and evaluation of social programs. Davide has over 10 years experience heading non-government organizations that work in the areas of education, health, human rights and psychology in poor communities in the Dominican Republic.

What We Do

SIP Group assists its clients in the design of their visión of sustainability. Each company is different, as so are the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and the opportunities presented. The integration of elements of sustainability within your business strategy generates efficiencies that translate into greater financial, social and environmental returns.  

Through different tools and methodologies, our consultants will support you in the identification of the key sustainability elements of your business for the design of a strategy you can measure, communicate and effectively report on.

For SIP Group, it is of utmost importance that business acknowledges the importance of transcending their operations. Social problems are complex and addressing them requires many times the participation of more than one actor. We support our clients in the identification of key actors to establish partnerships and coalitions for greater social impact.    

Contact Us

809 996 2922 info@sipgroup.com.do Calle Retiro no. 3, Piantini, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana