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Boreal – Information Strategies (Boréalis) is established in Magog, Québec, Canada. Boréalis provides specialized solutions in social responsibility and environmental performance management adopted by leaders in the extractive and energy industries and allowing them to achieve their business objectives while meeting their sustainability commitments. Boréalis combines technology and domain expertise to implement social development programs that enhance communication and provide value and opportunities for individuals and communities affected by major infrastructure projects.

BoréalisIMS software provides managers with reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) that help measure the efficiency and impact of their projects, demonstrate transparency, and make decisions relating to operational performance. BoréalisIMS software includes numerous standard modules designed to meet specific social and environmental performance needs. These modules are connected together to provide an integrated sustainability solution.

BoréalisIMS software includes a number of standard modules, as the core component of our solution. Through some consulting services these modules will be adapted to the specific business requirements of your project. The full list of the modules is presented in the following diagram.




Boréalis Solution



Stakeholder Engagement

Assists teams in maintaining a constructive relationship with stakeholders over the lifetime of a project and consolidates information generated during stakeholder engagement activities


Social Investment

Allows for the management of strategic projects and assistance requests made by external stakeholders. It helps ensure a fair distribution of investments and supports a transparent process, while contributing to community benefits.


Local Business Development

Provides the means to maintain an exhaustive list of businesses in the local supply chain as well as a list of their competencies. It also allows tracking opportunities, tendering process and capacity building programs. This helps communities ensure compliance with targets they have set and allows them to report regularly on local business development to lenders and governments.


Local Employment

Provides the means to track and manage job seekers, employment opportunities and capacity building programs. This helps communities ensure compliance with targets they have set and allows them to report regularly on local employment to lenders and governments.


Social Baseline

Facilitates planning, capturing, monitoring, measuring and reporting on information related to social baseline studies, including vulnerable people, heritage sites and asset inventories.


Land Access

Allows planning and budgeting of land access activities, establishment of compensation rules and eligibility, capturing and processing of field data, and delivery of accepted compensation packages to the appropriate stakeholders, while enforcing data security and control.


Environmental Monitoring

Allows a better understanding of the environmental baseline and changes over time, while assisting reporting to internal or external authorities and stakeholders. It helps prove that environmental regulations and standards are respected.


Compliance Management

Allows managers to register, plan, monitor and follow up on social and environmental requirements. It helps in: demonstrating compliance, reducing incidence of non-compliance events, and ensuring project support.

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